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3D Laptop animation bundle

Bargain! Get 3 After Effects CS4 projects for one project’s price:
3D laptop Title animation. More than a minute long with 3D laptops that can display your media. 11 placeholders for your media, pre made camera moves, lighting, 3D objects, 3D space and Depth of Field.

Five different Animate-in/Animate-out 3D Laptop animation. You can combine any of those Intros and Outros. This gives you 25 different combinations to make your media look like displayed on laptop screen. Each can hold up to 10min of your media.
3D laptop that you can animate, rotate, move around, open/close lid, display your media on its screen. Import it to your project to add extra reality level.
Project file from this promo video so you can see this project implemented in real life situation. And not just see outcome of it, but also have project file where you can explore all comps, layers and keyframes.

Ideal for TV Ad, commercial, presentation, promotion. Use this project to show your media, video, pictures, portfolio with impressive and realistic animation. Get realistic visualization without third party 3D software or expensive plug-ins.