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Animated Typefaces that stands out

Sometimes a basic typography animation is not enough to express your idea and make it stand out. Then you need Animated Typeface. keep reading to find out what it is and find some great deals on cheap professional sets.

Animated typeface is an animated font where every character are pre-animated and you only need to pick the right symbol for your titles. After effects provides text animation presets, but most of the time you get animated lines, words or individual letters. What is great about animated typefaces is that usually every character has multiple parts that are animated separately when it comes together. This gives your titles more dynamic look and animation looks way cooler than simple presets. Making your own animated typeface would require a lot of time and patience as some of them are frame-by-frame animations or 3D animations that simply would not be possible in After Effects.

So here I have put together a collection of best Animated Typefaces available on Video Hive. Each of them feature full alphabet – letters, numbers and symbols. Most comes with After Effects project. Some are standard video files with alpha channel from Motion Graphic section. Using these sets will enable you to create great and professional looking titles in seconds. It’s the matter of taking the letters you need and dropping in your comp.

A quick tip for assembling technique. To keep the dynamics of your animation play around with your timing. You could sequence the letters to appear one by one, but that would take a long time for your title to appear. Instead make the every third letter appear at once and the the missing letter would follow and fill in. You want your title to appear at the speed of average reader. Preview your title several times and try to read it to find the right speed. Title that assembles too slow looks boring and puts too much emphasis on how it appears not on what it says. Title that comes together fast and disappears too soon is unreadable. Find the right balance.

Wonder letters by Miph

Download this project here

Handwriting Package by Placdarms

Download this project here

Mondo by Emperor VFX

Download this project here