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Be more Efficient and Save Time with After Effects

Some quicktips from Adobe TV that will help you to get maximum After Effects performance from your system, teach you how to quickly navigate through nested comps inside AE and how to move between different Adobe Apps using Dynamic Link as well as Editing After Effects document without even opening After Effects. Some of the greatest tips handpicked for you from the huge Adobe TV library.

Setting up After Effects for maximum performance

Learn how to configure After Effects to use RAM and CPUs as appropriate for your computer system, your footage, and your project needs. You’ll also see what hardware factors affect performance and what improvements can be made to increase performance.

Navigate through Nested Comps

In this quicktip Karl Soule will show how to use the new Composition Mini Flowchart to navigate through nested comps. What he doesn’t say is you can access the same panel by selecting your comp and Tapping the Shift Key.

Instantly move between Apps

In this video you can learn about Adobe Dynamic Link – the ability to switch between Apps and use their content without rendering in between. This means importing After effects comp straight into Premiere without rendering it and have the ability to go back and edit them in case future revisions are required. In similar way it works with other Adobe Suite programms as well.

Advantages of XML file format in After Effects

Use the XML project file format to modify and dynamically update a project without running the After Effects application.