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Free Animated Typefaces

Animated typefaces to make your title treatment look great. And the best part is – they are free. Check the previews and make your next project look amazing.

Some time ago I’ve published a similar post with a collection full of animated typefaces. They were great and outstanding, but some might not be ready to pay the 15$ price tag. If you’re a non-profit or on a tight budget – this post might come in handy for you. These animated typefaces look great and are professionally made, but they are free.


This is great looking and professionally made animated typeface. Great thing is that it comes as prerendered *.mov files. So you can use it in every video software that accepts *.mov footage with no technical limitation to a certain software. The only limitation is that this typeface is for non-commercial use only.

Also make sure you check the official page with screenshots and description at Behance
Type Design: Luis Migel Torres
Sound Design: Satoshi Yoshitake
Motion Design: Pavel Paratov


This animated typeface is created in After Effects and downloadable as AE project file. You need After Effects CS3 or newer to work with it. Great thing is – you have access to source file and you can see how it’s built. So this item not only gives you great animated typeface, but is also a great learning material. Designer: Nicolas Lichtle


Typogami is an animated typeface created in Adobe After Effects. The characters are inspired by origami and kirigami, Japanese artforms of folding paper. This also comes as AE project file so you can explore and learn from it. Designer: Nicolas Lichtle

Futura Animated

This is another animated typeface that comes as pre-rendered *.mov files for each character. There is an After Effects project included, but the pre-rendered video files can really be used in any video editing program that supports *mov footage. Designer: Colin Evoy Sebestyen

How To Use

Here is a short tutorial that explains how to use animated typefaces.