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Free Stop Motion Kit and Tutorial

Stop motion is the oldest animation technique and even with the current digital era it is highly popular. It gives surreal feeling when static things starts to move in unnatural way. Of corse you could take your photo camera and spend long hours taking frame by frame pictures of your object, but I mentioned it’s digital era and there has to be a better way. Guess what? There is a better way that still gives authentic results. Keep reading to find out more.

Motiongraphics artist Quba Michalski from has created a free StopMotion Kit that consists of several presets and tutorial on how to create realistic looking Stop motion scenes inside After Effects. You might think what’s a big deal – just lower the frame rate, make the rigid animation and you’ll have your Stop Motion. But that is not entirely true. You might think it’s easy until you try to do it. There are different things that you need to simulate to get the right look. Including exposure change, camera placement change, rotation and timing glitches etc.

In this tutorial Quba will show you how to quickly simulate stop motion aesthetic using this After Effects Stop Motion Kit. Included collection of presets will allow you to easily add subtle imperfections to the movement of objects in your scene, emulating animator errors that are a staple of stop motion animation. Using 6 different expression sets, you will be able to apply and control glitches in movement, rotation and timing of your objects as well as simulate changes in camera position and exposure.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Make sure you visit the original author’s page:

While you’re planing your next stop motion project – take a look at these great premium preanimated elements that will give you the nice hand drawn stop motion look. The first project offers animated stop motion Alphabet, Numbers, Symbols, Lines, Transitions and more. The second project offers even more. It ofers 2 complete fonts including all upper case and lower case characters, numbers symbols, shapes, lines, icons and more.

Stop Motion Kit by Baroom-Baroom

Download this Project file Here

Stop Motion Set by RedSticks

Download this Project file Here