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Free Tutorial: Wet Paint Logo Reveal

Recently I was working on a new product and developed an interesting technique that I wanted to share. The dynamic, wet paint, CEL animation style projects are trending right now. Normally it requires frame by frame manual animation to achieve this look, but here I developed a technique that lets you get that effect using procedural effects.

So in this 30min video tutorial you will learn:
- how to reveal your logo with irregular paint matte
- how to give your logo that wiggly wet paint look
- how to automatically emit paint drops from your logo
- how to create a nice background grid

Main effects used in this tutorial are: Roughen Edges, CC Pixel Polly, Simple Choker. You need full version of After Effects as the demo version doesn’t include Cycore effects (CC Pixel Polly) that is required for this project.

Here is advanced version of the project that I recently released as part of the Premium Logo Pack. If you’re interested in the color separation that will enable this effect for all kinds of logos then download the premium project and explore the techniques behind it.