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Getting started with AE by Chad Perkins: Page02

In this comprehensive free training we’ll learn about Adobe After Effects, the powerful, industry-standard motion graphics, animation, compositing, and visual effects application. In this series sn Adobe Certified Instructor and Certified Expert Chad Perkins will guide you through the basics that you need to know to get going with After Effects.

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Animating With keyframes

Animate layer properties by using keyframes. Modify properties over time by using the Effect Controls panel and the Timeline panel. Adjust the start and end points for an effect. Change the direction of an animation and adjust a layer’s opacity.

Applying Effects

After Effects ships with more than 200 effects, including effects for color correction, distortion, and even audio adjustments. Search for an effect and drag and drop it onto a layer in the Timeline panel. Adjust effects in the Effect Controls panel.

Rendering and Exporting a Composition

Render and export a composition as a playable movie file. Change output module settings in the Render Queue panel to choose output format and file destination.