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Getting started with AE by Chad Perkins

In this comprehensive free training we’ll learn about Adobe After Effects, the powerful, industry-standard motion graphics, animation, compositing, and visual effects application. In this series sn Adobe Certified Instructor and Certified Expert Chad Perkins will guide you through the basics that you need to know to get going with After Effects.

After Effects WorkFlow overview

Learn about the After Effects workflow. Import footage into a project. Create layers in a composition by dragging footage into the Timeline panel. Render and export a movie by using the render queue.

Panels and Workspaces

Learn how to customize the After Effects user interface. Resize, rearrange, group, undock, and open panels. Save, reset, and switch workspaces.

Importing Elements into After Effects

The first step in many After Effects workflows is to import footage, whether it’s video, still images, or audio. Explore the multiple ways to import files and organize assets in the Project panel.

Adding Elements to the Timeline

Add layers to a composition by dragging footage from the Project panel into the Timeline panel. Change the stacking order of layers.

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