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Inspiration for Animation

Continuing our inspiration series this week I offer two new clips for your appreciation. Both are magazine models, but each of them are featured for different reasons. Keep reading to find out what you can learn from these and get inspired.

Magazine Animation Pro by Yoshivara

Often times when you work on models/elements/things that exists in real life you’re tempted to recreate to how it would look/work in reality. For example some time ago I was working on a magazine After Effects template and worked hard to get the realistic looking page turns, camera shots, paper folds etc. This time I challange you to take things to next level. Use the fact that you’re modeling things in computer not shooting a physical stuff. Gp wild beyond how things would work in reality and this is where motion graphics really comes to life. here is a great example of a magazine animation that is not so much a classic magazine as great example of motion graphics.

Download AE Project file here

Magazine Mock-Up Kit by Placdarms

Next in line is my own project I mentioned above. The reason for including this is not so much about the magazine stuff, but the way i built it and what I learned in the process. After Effects is not a 3D modeling program and while you can do it to some degree – the results start to get lousy when you push it too far. For example in dedicated 3D program you could model your object, create environment and shoot it from different angles and perspectives. In After Effects this is not the best approach because you’ll always be limited at some point. So in this project – instead of modeling a single object and shooting it in different perspectives – I actually manually modeled each scene. This allows me to fully concentrate on cover if that is a cover shot or on a inner page if that is a shot for inner page. After effects gives you all kind of great distortion tools that allows you to get pretty authentic results. the down side is that they are not 3D compatible and only works from a single perspective. But that is fine as long as you use the right tools for each scene and keep this limitation in mind when doing a camera animation.

Download AE Project file here