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Photo Postcards

Animated Photo postcards project that will allow you to demonstrate your vacation pictures with the style or promote your upcoming events. Nine images and ten text placeholders as well as logo placeholder that makes your logo look as printed on a paper.

- 9 placeholders for your images
- 4 postcards with 10 placeholders for your text
- Additional place for your logo and contact info.
- Included paper texture and logo precomp that will make your logo look like printed on the paper.
- Postcards with paper turning/bending effect.
- Images with camera panning/zooming/shooting effect that will be automatically applied to your pictures.
- Neutral background with text that will automatically take text from your first three text placeholders.
- Project file from this promo video so you can see this project implemented in real life situation. And not just see outcome of it, but also have project file where you can explore all comps, layers and keyframes.

This project can be used:
- By photographers to show off their best pictures.
- By travelers to demonstrate their adventures.
- By tourism resorts, guesthouses or hotels to promote their business.
- By town councils or tourism object owners to invite more visitors.
- By You to use it as a thank you letter, to invite guests or even announce your engagement, wedding or baby to come.

Project is Full HD 1080p Also HD 720p and SD comps included.

No additional Plugins needed. However the Cycore plugins that comes with the After Effects must be installed. If you got Missing Plugins error – check your AE installation disc for those plugins.

The Pea Quinn handwriting font featured in this project is from where you can freely download lot of fonts like this and even request a font to be made out of your own handwriting. Those fonts can be used for commercial purposes, but restrictions apply. Please be sure to read Terms of use.