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Prepare your AE Project File upon delivery

Five Quick Tips from Video Hive Author and Reviewer Placdarms on how to prepare project file for delivery to client, colleague or any other third-party. Originally it was meant for marketplace authors, but used techniques apply to anyone.

Prepare your AE project in several resolutions the easy way

A quick tip under 4 minutes that will explain how to prepare your After Effects project file in several final output resolutions in just few seconds. No duplicating the whole project. No scaling down each element. The easy and the right way.

Collect files, Reduce project, Keep track of Plug-ins

A quick tip that will explain in 6 minutes how to remove unused assets, comps and folders from your project. Show you how to keep track of asset links to prevent missing file error and generate report of used-plugins to remove third-party plug-ins.

Organizing inner file structure, adding in-project help

A quick tip under 10minutes that will explain how to get your After Effects inner file structure in order to make it user friendly so that everyone can easily orient inside your file. I’ll teach subjects like composition naming, composition ordering, arranging, color coding, in-project help, layer markers, comments, on-screen instructions that will not render, guide layers. This is useful if you need to deliver your project file to your client or to another colleague or to sell your template project on marketplace.

Mix audio inside After Effects using placeholders

A quick video that will explain how to cut and mix your audio inside After Effects. And hot o do it using audio placeholder to provide auto mix feature for users in situation when you can’t distribute audio file with the project.

Prepare your project file before you deliver it

A 7minutes quick tip that will explain how to improove and clean up your After Effects project file. Make your project look more professional. Make it user Friendly. Improve user experience. Will touch to subjects like closing down the unnecessary comps. Cleaning the render queue. Setting the correct preview resolution inside AE. Keeping the right workspace panel set to avoid frustration. This is more meant for Template project authors, but it is applicable to anyone who need to deliver project file tho any third-party.