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Production materials for professionals

Even though stock projects gain more and more popularity with their high production quality and low prices, there are still some groups of professionals that don’t use them. If you’re one of them – I’m not gonna try to convince you otherwise, but rather offer a set of elements that you might find useful.

For this post I have gathered a collection of elements for Video editors, motion graphics artists and other professionals that work with video and moving images. These are not a classic template projects where you drop in your footage, images or text, but a pack of elements that will spice up your production. A set of Light leaks, film burns, transitions, digital glitches, distortions, color correction presets and more. Starting as low as 6$ for simple light transitions up to a super high quality 4K light mattes and real dust footage shot with RED ONE and anamorphic lenses in professional studio set.

See the examples below or click on a banner to start browsing the full collection

Vintage Color Film Look

25 Vintage Color Compositions, 10 Vintage Color Presets .FFX, 10 Light Color Overlay, Video help included

Download this project here


12 color templates, 6 textures overlay, 6 frames, video help included

Download this project here

From Dust Till Dawn: LightWorx Collection

Filmed with the Red One Camera & Anamorphic Lenses, the collection of Light Mattes offers a beautiful and rich texture that only classic cinemascope can provide. The enormous 3K & 4.5K version offers the most freedom to design, composite or animate. And better yet, the files have been transferred at a rate that will render fast and not eat up your system’s memory. Start your collection today with over 25 minutes of gorgeous, abstract anamorphic elements and After Effects Project!

Over 25 Minutes of Designer Mattes — 50 Abstract Light Elements, Bonus Light Transition Mattes, Available in 3K and 4.5K, Awakenings Mattes, Flakes of Dawn Mattes, New Horizon Mattes, Dust Mattes, Seeds of Fall Mattes, Passions Mattes, Tranquil Abyss Mattes, Video Tutorial included

Download this project here

TV Damage Transitions Pack

21 Tv damage overlay clips with the aesthetics of lightened tv screen pixels.

Download this project here

These are just 4 examples of the materials included in this collection. Click on the banner below to keep browsing the full collection.