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Royal Exhibition

Royal vintage looking room with posh picture frames displaying your precious pictures. Combine different frame styles and wallpaper patterns as well as wall colors.

This project features:
- 12 image placeholders in total.
- First wall holds 7 images
- Second wall holds 5 images
- You can use them separately and have two, over 30sec long animations, or use them together in over one minute long animation
- 4 different frame styles
- 15 different wall patterns
- Any color can be applied for your wall
- 6 textures to give unique paper look
- Seamless pattern loop to make your wall literally any size

Use different blending modes, colors, combine textures and patterns. This gives you gazillion different background options. Create unique background not just for this project but export it as a still image to use it where ever you need. Project can be used with AE CS3, CS4 and CS5 Project is Full HD 1080p
No additional Plugins needed. However the Cycore plugins that comes with the After Effects must be installed. If you got Missing Plugins error – check your AE installation disc for those plugins.

The Pea Carmen handwriting font featured in this project is from where you can freely download lot of fonts like this and even request a font to be made out of your own handwriting. Those fonts can be used for commercial purposes, but restrictions apply. Please be sure to read Terms of use