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Six Excellent After Effects QuickTips

After Effects Professional and one of the VideoHive top author Felt-Tips gives useful advices on using After Effects in 6 short videos called Quicktips. Quicktips are intended to be short and sweet insider workflow tips, cunning workarounds and cheeky little gems that other tutorials miss. They are intended to be digestible in your coffee break and usable straightaway.

#1 Keylight Stroke

This quick tip is under 10 minutes long and shows you how to stroke a bitmap using Keylight and Solid Composite.

#2 Bounce and Stretch

This quick tip is 9 minutes long and shows you a method to create a bounce movement in slow motion and then scale the movement temporally to happen quicker, without detroying the movement, then to position, rotate and scale the entire movement as one.

#3 Chain Rendering

This quick tip is under 10 minutes long and shows you how to set up a chain render in After Effects – a technique that can potentially save hours of render time.

#4 Easy Luma to Alpha Pt. 1

This quick tip is 13 minutes long and will begin to familiarise you with the Channel menu.
It shows you how to create an alpha matte out of a black and white matte, without using any precompositions or new layers. It then demonstrates how to create a custom (and highly customisable) glow and backlight effect without using After Effects Glow effect and once again, without creating any new precomps or layers.
It’s all about economy!

#5 Easy Luma to Alpha Pt. 2

This quick tip is under 10 minutes long and continues to show you how to be economical with layers and structure in AE, while creating a highly controllable bloom effect on an adjustment layer.

#6 Super Smooth Curve

This quick tip is 8 minutes long and uses the graph window to create a cushioned movement that’s oooh so much smoother than the standard easy-eased keyframe.