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Useful Expressions for After Effects

In this series VideoHive author Felt Tips is teaching some very cool and very useful expressions that are only a few lines long, but works like a million. His knowledge and the way he teaches is remarkable. Therefore everyone – from beginner to expert will benefit from his tutorials.

After Effects Expressions #1 – Camera Targetter

10 minute After Effects expressions tutorial, detailing how to use toWorld() and fromWorld() to make a robust camera targetter that doesn’t care if camera, target or both are parented to other layers.

After Effects Expressions #2 – Glue a lens flare to a light and circle it

14 minute After Effects expressions tutorial, showing you how to use toComp(), fromComp() and fromCompToSurface() to make a lens flare follow a 3D light and then project a circle onto a 3D layer that also follows the light. Also, some stuff to help you get an intuitive grasp of the various After Effects spaces: layer space, world space and comp space.

After Effects Random Expression Shenanigans

Mucking about with expressions to demonstrate our inability to grasp randomness and probability.
In this 17 minute tutorial, you’ll also pick up a couple of tips about using randoms, how to use a a loop to compare a layer’s values to values in other layers and using a try/catch statement to make the code robust.