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Watch for Inspiration

To be successful motion graphics artist you need to keep track of recent trends and techniques. If you’re freelancing or working in a small agency – you night know the situation when deadline is close and inspiration has left you. What to do?

To avoid situation like this it’s always good to browse inspirational materials well in advance and note the ideas that inspire you. Once your client comes you are full of inspiration and have a good starting point.

I usually bookmark clips that uses interesting techniques or take a screenshot of a single scene that has some inspirational details. That way I have a solid base of ideas ready to be executed. To make the long story short – here are some videos that inspired me and might inspire you as well. The good thing about this is that you can not only observe the animation visually, but in case you totally fall in love with it – you can always download the source file and really dig it to learn the techniques.

Abstract Earth by Victor Smith

Observe the way author combine 3D footage (globe) with particles, flares, used blur and chroma aberration to get that classy look. Also pay attention to the camera angles, shots and cuts between them. Tiny and unreadable titles as visual elements gives you the right perception on huge resolution and size of the main object.

Download AE project file here

Brand TV graphic pack by Atiko

I’ve seen lot of motion graphic artists that tries to push the limits of After Effects turning it into a 3D software. The reality is – AE is not a 3D software and there are dedicated applications for that job. Best thing is to use each tool for what it was meant to be used. This video is great example of how After Effects is used for what it was meant to and the result is great. Observe the transitions, movement and how it sync with audio. Completely flat, 2D graphics with the pure style.

Download AE project file here

Kinetica by SmallScreen

Normally you wouldn’t want to use too much different fonts in a single clip. It makes the design look inconsistent, but not in this case. Lot of colors, font faces and shapes makes this piece look stunning. Observe the way author puts everything together and the result is great.

Download AE project file here