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Why should I buy AE Templates

You don’t have to be marketing guru to understand – visuals and images work much better than plain texts when it comes to product or service promotion. But wait- there is something that works even better – moving images. They’re called Video, Animations or Motion Graphics. Most popular motion graphics software is After Effects. After Effects allows you to create those stunning animations as well as combine animation with video footage.

So you’re in need

If you own a website and want to have your logo reveled in really nice way, add product promotion video, instructional presentation or just promote your photographer, designer, or other services – “Motion graphics”, “After Effects”, “Animations”, “VFX” might be the keywords that define your search criteria.

Once you realize that – you have two options. Either to hire professional that creates everything for you, but costs several hundreds to several thousands. Or you can create it yourself. You can even get fully functional After Effects Demo version for free that will work with no hustle for one month. Unfortunately one month is usually not enough to learn and create high quality animations by yourself. But wait – there is third option.

You can purchase project template where everything is prepared and you only need to add/edit texts drop in your logo/images/videos and customize some colors. That’s usually an easy task that even beginner could do in one day. Besides templates only cost from 6$ to 25$ depending on quality and type (logo stings, titles, openers, video displays)

Download this project Here


I believe there are three types of people that buy stock or template projects.
First ones are professionals that buy one or several motion graphics templates, customize or combine them and provide to their clients. That way they’re able to create high quality projects in short time. They can also incorporate some parts in their own projects to save time that they would otherwise spend creating this elements from scratch. Or they can even create projects that might be above their current knowledge level. If you are a motion graphics professional or want to be one – this is a smart thing to do. One people team that combines knowledge of thousands. Low financial investments. No time consuming. High profit because final product goes for several hundreds to several thousands, but you only have to invest 6$-25$ in template + time spent customizing it.


Then there are learners who want to become AE pros one day. They watch every tutorial out there. From tutorials, that teach step by step – beginner to advanced level. To high quality tutorials that concentrates on specific technique. Unfortunately it takes time to understand how those techniques can be universally applied to create something else – Not just example that were shown in tutorial. This is where template projects comes in. You can find a lot of high quality projects that pushes the limits of AE. You can watch those and wander how they do that. Now you can purchase project files of those amazing projects and observe yourself. Often times there are no rocket science or anything. They’re basic techniques and effects used by professionals to achieve stunning results. And you can learn those unique things that no tutorial will teach you.
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Clients who want to save some money

And third group is people that have no connection to Motion Graphics what so ever, but they want to save some money while still getting high quality results. With template projects it’s possible. You can learn AE basics in one evening. Then purchase desired project and customize it yourself. All projects comes with help files that covers basic customization. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty you can ask author to customize this template for you. Usually that would add additional costs but still 100$ is not the same as several hundreds or even thousands that you would spend hiring a professional. And who knows professional that you hire might still be someone from first group that purchase template, customize and offer final result at full price.

Weather you’re a professional, learner or someone who is trying to save some money – template projects might be really useful to save you some time, teach you new stuff or save you a lot of money. Ready to try your luck? Here are few resources that will help you getting started.